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As an advocate for a cross-cultural and borderless world, I use fashion to impact society. My work aims to help disarm prejudice. I repurpose and de-commission uniforms to battle the uniformity that they represent. Demonstrating both our cultural differences and commonalities, my collections are a celebratory juxtaposition of diversity. 

An intrinsic part of my identity developed thanks to my diverse heritage, one that has involved migration and cultural fuses across generations. 

I believe that dis-placement, as an abstract concept, should become our tangible home, regardless of location and appearance. 

SASKIA provides an antidote to polarisation through a sustainable and circular

design, production, purchase and reuse process. My key differentiator is that the utilised recycled source material is directly associated with the brand's inherent concept and mission. For instance, in my latest collection, "Dis-Armed" I subverted the viewer by using old military surplus as a tool against itself. 

I am committed to achieving lasting commercial success that incorporates a meaningful return to disenfranchised communities via employment and profit-sharing.

SASKIA is a socially-pertinent fashion label that shifts mindsets. It redefines and re-designs garments with a brutal past for a brighter, more accepting future.